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Grape Gelee

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A reduction which looks like a jelly, this concentrate of grape juice is a real treat just as it is or with fromage frais.  It can also be used to make Cake with Grape Gelée.


for one 30cl pot:
  • 1,4 kg rice grapes
  • un mouli
  • 1 22cm casserole
  • 1 jam jar

Grape Gelee








  1. Choose ripe sweet grapes, either white or black.
  2. Rinse the bunches and take off the fruit.
  3. Put the grapes through the mouli to extract the juice : there should be 750gr.
  4. Reduce the juice by boiling it in a large casserole for about 45mins.  There should be half the original quantity remaining.  Your kitchen will be deliciously perfumed by the fruity aroma of grape juice.
  5. Pour immediately into the jam jar, seal and put in a cold place.



It must be consumed within one week



Compote of Apples with Grape Geleepommes au raisiné


If you like stewed apples you’ll love this aromatic version.

Choose reine de reinette apples.

When the grape gelée is ready, add peeled and quartered apples to it.  No sugar is necessary.  Bring to the boil and simmer over a low heat for 10mins.  Leave to cool in the casserole.



Galettes des Rois, Gâteaux des Rois

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