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Rhubarb and Strawberries Crumble

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Rhubarb and strawberries complement each other perfectly; the acidity of the rhubarb is softened by the sweetness of the strawberry…..





Serves 4 :

400g rhubarb
200g strawberries
100g plain flour
70g cane sugar    
70g butter 
1/2cc powdered ginger
1 earthenware dish 27cm×18cm

Rhubarb and Strawberries Crumble













  • Remove any stringy parts of the rhubarb stems and cut into 2 cm long pieces.Place them in the base of the dish. 
  • Remove the stalks from the strawberries and cut any large ones into two.  Scatter them over the rhubarb. 
  • Mix the flour, sugar and ginger in a large bowl. 
  •  Add the flour and rub in until you have the texture of breadcrumbs. 
  •  Cover the fruit with this mixture, patting it down with your hand.
  • Cook in a preheated oven at 185 for 35 minutes until the top is golden brown.






It is quite normal to get juice at the bottom of the crumble. 

However, it is possible for those who prefer a less watery consistency, to reduce previously rhubarb simmer with a c.à.s sugar.