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Mousse glacée aux framboises

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Recette de mousse glacée aux framboises Auteur Martine Acknin Pour 4 à 6 parts 400g de framboises 100g de sucre 2 blancs d’oeufs moyens 1g de gomme de guar 150g de crème liquide entière fouet electrique Difficulté: Moyenne Préparation:...

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Confiture de fraises gariguettes

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X Dans cette recette, les fraises gariguettes sont toutes petites, ce qui donne vraiment l'impression de manger un fruit. La gelée est formée grâce à l'agar-agar.  Recette de la confiture de fraises...

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Gateau of King Provencal, recipe Severin

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The most common cake eaten at Epiphany is the Galette des Rois, an almond-filled puff


pastry confection. In Provence, the preferred version is the yeast-based Gateau des Rois (a


Cake for the Three Kings) and a true work of art in its way. This is the one for you if you


adore crystallised fruit, and is even better if you make these yourself. Tradition has it that this


cake is eaten at Epiphany so you have till the 6 January to create your own interpretation.

 Gateau of King  Provençal, recipe Severin








For 4 ring-shaped cakes,Ø20cm:
  • 75g de glace cherries
  • 75g crystallised orange pieces
  • 115 g sugar
  • 37g orange-flower water
  • For the dough:
  • 675g strong white flour
  • 30g baker’s yeast
  • 125g lukewarm water
  • 175gr softened butter
  • 3 eggs (150cl)
  • 100g brioche sugar


   All the ingredients except the yeast should be brought to room temperature overnight.


  1. The previous day, grate the crystallised fruit and put in a large bowl. Add the sugar
    and orange-flower water, mix well and reserve.
  2. The next day, blend the yeast into the lukewarm water in a cup. Beat the eggs in a
    small bowl.
    Put the flour, yeast and water, grated fruit mixture, the eggs and the softened butter in
    the bowl of your mixer and beat with a dough hook for 15 mins at a slow speed (0.8).
  3. Cover with a sheet of baking parchment, and then a teatowel and set to rise in a warm
    place (25°) away from draughts for approx 1½ hours until doubled in volume. If you
    don’t have a suitable place, you can place it in a very slow oven.
  4. Shaping the cakes: Turn the dough out onto a lightly-floured worktop, knock back
    gently and divide into 4 equal pieces. Taking the first piece shape it into a ball and
    flatten with your hand. Repeat the process with the three other pieces. Take the first
    piece and roll out with a rolling pin to a circle 15cm in diameter. Mark the centre and
    cut out a hole with a pastry cutter or small glass. You can use these bits of dough to
    make brioches.

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  1. Place the cake on a large baking tray lined with baking parchment and push into it a lucky charm (a bean in this case). Cover with another sheet of paper to prevent the dough drying out. Repeat the same process with the three remaining pieces of dough. Leave to rise at 25° for between 50 – 60mins till doubled in size; any longer and the dough will start to collapse.
  2. After 35mins place the drip tray in the centre of the oven, and light it at 180°. Beat an
    egg in a small basin.
    When the cakes are ready, take two of them, brush evenly with the egg wash and
    decorate with the brioche sugar to you own design.
  3. Slide them with their paper onto the oven tray and bake for 20 mins.
    Meanwhile, keep the two remaining cakes at 20° to prevent them continuing to rise.
    They will go into the oven 20 mins later.
  4. Decorate with whole crystallised fruit, glace cherries, crystallised melon slices,
    angelica stalks …….


 These cakes can be easily deep frozen – take care to wrap them in clingfilm to stop them
drying out.


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Desserts aux poires

Gâteau aux poires façon tatin

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C'est un gâteau renversé avec des poires caramélisées.   Pour 8 personnes: Caramel: 100g de sucre Gâteau: 140g de sucre 3 œufs moyens 150g beurre pommade 150g de farine 1/2 sachet de levure 6 poires Abate ou...

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Tarte Poires-Chocolat

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C'est une tarte fine au joli contraste de couleurs.   Pour 6 à 8 personnes: Pour la pâte sablée: 200g de farine 100g de sucre 120g de beurre froid 1 pincée de sel 4 c.à.s de lait...

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Crumble poires en mini-cocottes

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Un vrai délice pour ces fruits bien associés avec les pépites de chocolat. la recette peut bien sûr être présentée dans un seul plat en remplacement des mini-cocottes.   Pour 6...

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Tarte tatin aux poires et son caramel de…

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Ce sont des poires confites dans une sauce au caramel chocolatée, servies sur un disque de pâte à succès.   Pour 6 personnes: Pour la pâte à succès: 60g blancs d'œufs(2 moyens) 40g...

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Charlotte Poires-Chocolat

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Un dessert frais,  délicieusement parfumé à la verveine... Ce gâteau terminera en beauté un repas de fête! Recette de la charlotte poires-chocolat   Ce dessert doit se faire la veille. Pour 8...

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Clafoutis aux poires et ax amandes

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Ce dessert se fait en deux étapes: préparation des fonds de tarte la veille, ainsi que la cuisson des poires. Montage et cuisson le jour même.       Ingrédients pour 8...

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